Coming January 2011

"The Radio Cafe" the new hit, nationally syndicated, radio program dedicated to playing
locally produced music created by independent singers and bands is currently seeking submissions
from singers and bands from countries around the world!


A note from Christopher Ewing, creator and host of "The Radio Cafe":

"Hey everybody!  It's really cool that so many of you are out there
making some awesome music! The goal of The Radio Cafe is to get your music played
on the radio and online so that the whole world can hear it! 

There are a few guidelines that you need to check out below to ensure that your jams
get played on the show.  So read the info below and submit your jams
and I'll do my best to get it on the show. 

In the meantime, keep up the great work, you guys!  I'm proud of you!   

And remember, no matter how hard things seem,
Hang On to the Dream
and don't you ever give up!" 
~ Christopher


Add Your Music to the Playlist!

How to Submit Your Music

To have your music played on the show you must have a professionally recorded cd
ready to promote (only professionally recorded and packaged CD's). 

Due to the number of CD's received,
CD's sent in for consideration CANNOT BE RETURNED

To add your music to our play list or to be scheduled for an on-air interview on the "The Radio Cafe - World" show:

We want to play your music, bottom line.  What you need to know, though, is that we have LOTS of music to listen to so it may take some time to check it out, but we really will listen to it. For sure, no lie!

Because we receive a lot of songs, we aren't gonna be able to provide feedback, evaluations or info as to if we received it.  If it is a song that is selected for our playlist, we will for sure contact you enough ahead of time so that you can be sure to hear it on the radio or online, and so that you will be able to let your family and friends know to listen for your music, too.  We may even contact you and do an interview with you "on the air", so you can give some background info about your music!

So here's how to submit your music:

1) fill out the form below;
2) email an mp3 of your copyrighted music (your submission MUST be your original work)

If your song(s) are in a language other than English, please email us a lyric sheet to translated from the language of your song into English.  If you need help translating your song into English, "click here". 


Please, do not "snail mail" your music unless we request it.  We have enough cds laying around.  All we need in order to put your music on our show is  pull it from your mp3.  Plus, we would prefer if you kept the cd and sold it and make some money off of it (rather than it sit in our pile of other cds).

If you must "snail mail" it, send it to:

Metro Media Group, Inc
200 East Big Beaver Rd.
Troy, Michigan 48083 USA

Please do not send us any press kits.  We have no use for those, either.  Save those for record labels, agents, mangers, etc.

If your music is chosen for air play, you will be contacted via email as to the air date and station(s) that your music will be played. 
There will also be a link on this website to your email address and/or website for listeners to go to in order to purchase your CD
(see sample below).

Your name or Band's name
City & State
Website address


Music Guidelines

We don't have many other rules, just some guidelines to save both, you and us, a lot of time and to help make sure that your stuff gets played on the show:

  • - Submitted music must be your own original work, meaning you and/or your band wrote the song.
  • - For music submitted to be played on "The Radio Cafe" radio show, Lyrics should have NO profanity.  Period.  This is still commercial radio, sorry.  We may even have to request a lyric sheet of the song you want us to play prior to us playing it on the show.  If you feel that your music is for a more "mature" audience, click here to submit your music to "The Radio Cafe Xtreme".
  • - Production value of your music is important don't settle for a junky mix!  One of the biggest reasons that we are unable to play some of the music that people submit is because of a rushed mix, levels are all over the place, etc.  Be sure to send us your best! Your stuff should be of the same kind of clarity as other songs you hear on the radio.

Other than that, that's it!  The Radio Cafe' is truly here to get your music heard and to help local, independent artists like you get radio play.  Your music may be played in other markets and on other radio stations besides a station in your hometown.  Your music may also be played as a podcast on radio station's websites which enables your music to be heard around the world! 

So submit your music and let's get it on the air!  You keep making it, and we'll keep playing it!


Please provide the following information:

Your Name
Your Band's Name
Cell or Daytime Phone
Your E-mail address
Your Website address
Your Myspace  address

I/We would like:

I / We would like to have our song(s) played on the show. 

I / We would like to be interviewed on the show.

Names of band members & ages:

What style of music is your CD?
(Rock, Pop, Country, Christian Contemporary, etc.) 

Please tell us how you or your band got started:

While we may be interested in playing a different song on your cd, which one of your songs would you like for us to play? 


How did you hear about "The Radio Cafe"?

T.V. News Which station:
Radio News Which station:
Heard the show Which station:
Newspaper Which paper:  
A friend  
Other What other:      

Please include any additional information in the box below:


By clicking on the "Submit Your Music" Button below, I confirm that I am granting permission for my music to be played on "The Radio cafe" and that the music that I am submitting for airplay in an original work done created by me.  You agree that you are submitting your music for airplay with no expectation of any remuneration. By submitting your music for airplay and clicking on the "Submit Your Music" button below, you understand that your music may be played on "The Radio Cafe" radio show, and it may also be used in promotional spots for "The Radio Cafe" radio show.  You confirm that you are the owner of the publishing rights, and the copyright, for the music that you are submitting and that Metro Media Group, Inc. and "The Radio Cafe" will not owe you, or anyone associated with your music, including, but not limited to, your other band members, your musicians, your record label, your agent or your publisher any money for playing or promoting your music. This is an "airplay for exposure" exchange.  "The Radio Cafe" takes pride in selecting and playing songs based solely on the merit of the artist submitting their music for airplay and Metro Media Group, Inc. and "The Radio Cafe" refuse to participate in, or condone, any form of payola!




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