To all of our fans of “The Radio Café” from the show's Host, Christopher Ewing:

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share some important news with all of you, as well as let you know about some of the exciting changes that are going on here at “The Radio Café”.

Over the past 2 years and 112 episodes of “The Radio Café”, the show has grown to become one of the top radio shows in the world for independent singers and bands and their music.   We are very proud to have made such an impact on the independent music scene, and we are not done yet!

 Beginning February 1, the "The Radio Cafe" radio show series will be headquartered at the historic Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, California.  This move has been in the works for the past couple of months and we are very excited about the move because it puts us closer to all of our industry contacts on the West Coast, which will enable us to do some even more exciting things that we have planned – projects that we have designed that will help all of the independent singers and bands who have become part of our “indie music family”.  It is also an extreme honor to be able to produce our radio show, and all of the other projects we do, from such a legendary studio.  Some of the biggest movies and TV shows in the world have come from this studio lot, so it is very cool!

This move does create some other changes that I want to let you know about.  One of those additional changes is that we are condensing “The Radio Café” radio show to just one overall weekly show.  Besides the 2 separate versions that we have been making (one specifically for the Michigan based bands, and one for bands from other parts of the world), we are rolling all of them into one awesome weekly show.  One version of the show that I have been doing every week for the past year, “The Radio Café ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown” has skyrocketed in the ratings, with thousands and thousands and thousands of fans listening each week from all around the world.  That show has provided an extreme amount of exposure for the artists that I spin on that show each week, and I feel that the bands from Michigan deserve that greater amount of exposure, as well.  Thus, starting immediately, we will be producing only “The Radio Café ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown” radio show and it is our plan to roll into that show some of the OUTSTANDING Michigan-based singers and bands who I have had the EXTREME pleasure breaking to the listeners in the Michigan area.

Other than that, not much else will change.  We will continue to roll “The Radio Café” radio series out to radio stations and listeners around the world, and our mission of helping independent singers and bands get their music heard remains as solid as ever!

I want to thank you VERY much for your kind words of support and appreciation for “The Radio Café” radio series and “Stay Tuned” for even more exciting things that we have in store in the future!  

I hope you continue to enjoy “The Radio Café” radio series, and as always, remember to
“Support Local Music”!   

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