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1Calli Matthews
Los Angeles, CA
2Sinikka Monte
St. Polten, Austria
"It Ain't You"
3Anna Claire Loftis
Nashville, TN
"Motion Sick"
4Christina Custode​
Niagara Falls, NY
"Just In Case"
5Iurie Sula
London, England
"Love Is Taboo"
6Hayley Verrall
Burlington, Ont., CAN
"Like You Mean It"
7Tough On Fridays
Georgetown, TX
"Little Italy"​
8Andrea Bilawich
Vancouver, BC
9Eric Hayes

Morristown, NJ

Leesburg, VA"Freight Train"
BonusCarolyn MillerNew York, NY
"Summer Time"
BonusMartina ArmourLos Angeles, CA

Christopher interviews Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters

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