Everyday "The Radio Cafe" host Christopher Ewing listens to locally produced from around the country and the "Local Artist Spotlight" is a special hour long interview show where he chats "one-on-one" with select artists whose music he comes across and feels needs to be heard by independent music fans around the world.

Christopher says:
"I listen to all kinds of music of every genre, however sometimes I am kind of confined in what I can play on the radio show because of each radio station's music format.  Here, the "Local Artist Spotlight" gives me the chance to play all kinds of music, especially music that may not "fit" into a typical radio station's format. There are some incredible artists out there who are making some awesome music and while their music may not "fit" into the conventional radio station format of the day, their music still deserves to be heard. 
Radio support, or the absence thereof, should not dictate whether an artist's music gets heard or not.  Enjoy these outstanding local artists."


Lisa Hurt
Rock Pianist
Hazel Park, Michigan





Michael George Brock
Folk guitarist
Trenton, Michigan




"The Radio Cafe Local Artist Spotlight"
is a special one hour long show that features singers/songwriters
of all kinds of music, regardless of genre.
If you would like to be featured in
"The Radio Cafe Local Artist Spotlight", "Click Here".

Note from Christopher:
"Hey, I'm looking for some local Jazz, Screamo and Classical/Chamber music!!!"