From Christopher Ewing,
Creator & Host of "The Radio Cafe"


Hey!  If you received a link to this page, it is with great pleasure that I inform you that you and/or your band have been deemed one of the top indie singers/bands from around the world, and you have made it on to our new syndicated radio show, "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"!  For the past year and a half, I have been listening to music submitted by thousands and thousands of singers and bands from around the world and your music stands out as some of the best independently produced music out there today.  Way to go!

On December 7, 2009, I premiered a local music show called "The Radio Cafe" that began airing in the Detroit area from radio station 96.3 WDVD-FM.  Over the past year, the show has grown a HUGE audience, with listeners from all over the world (thanks to the internet), and I have been getting submissions from singers and bands, not just in the Detroit area, but from all over the globe, seeking airplay.

On Monday, December 6, 2010, commemorating the 1 year anniversary of "The Radio Cafe" radio show in Detroit, an additional show called
"The Radio Cafe Top 10 Countdown"
  premiered here on "The Radio Cafe" website ( and on April 11, 2011, a new version of the began airing when the music promoting website ReverbNation teamed up with "The Radio Cafe Top 10 Countdown". 

The show is now called, "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"  and it continues to feature the top indie singers and bands from all around the world, just like you
The show is syndicated and may air on various radio stations (internet and terrestrial).

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your music has been selected to air on
"The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown" 
and to tell you how the show works:



 "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown" is a weekly show.  A new show airs every Monday on "The Radio Cafe" website ( ) and the Indie Music Channel website ( ). 
Each show remains available, on-demand, 24/7/365, so you and your fans can catch each show online or on smartphones - anywhere, anytime!

Because listeners of "
The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"  vote for their favorite singers and bands who are played on the show each week, the songs with the most votes get played again the following week, and will continue to get played every week, until they fall out of the Top 10 vote getters. 
Some songs that are added to the playlist may play each week for months!

2) To get as much airplay out of your song as possible and to get it to climb the charts, it is advised that you tell your family, your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace friends, etc., to listen to your song on
"The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"  and then vote for your song at


Sometimes, we may tape an interview with you before your song is even added to the playlist in anticipation that your song will make it into the Top 10, HOWEVER, if your fans don't vote enough for your song when it initially starts spinning the first week, your song might not make it into the Top 10 the second week.  In that case, your song will fall off the chart, and off of the show, and your interview won't air.  Thus, just because we may have taped an interview with you, it may not air on the same day that we start spinning your song.  

Each listener may vote up to 10 times per hour, per computer.  A computer system monitors the votes (by computer IP addresses) to ensure that there is no "ballot stuffing". 
Hey, we wanna keep it fair, right?



Congratulations on getting airplay on

Your music was selected out of thousands and thousands of songs submitted and is spinning on my show
because you are making some of the BEST music out there!  Keep on making great music!
- Christopher 

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