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"The Radio Cafe" is a popular weekly syndicated radio show dedicated to promoting music created by independent singers and bands of all genres from around the world.  The program is hosted by the show's creator, Emmy Award winning TV host, actor & model, Christopher Ewing, who has long been a huge supporter of local artists.  

"I created the radio show, 'The Radio Cafe', and the TV show 'Indie Music Cafe', because I have always felt that there needed to be more support for local artists and their music" says Christopher.  "There are so many incredibly talented singers and bands out here whose music isn't getting enough radio and TV airplay, mainly because 'the-powers-that-be' deem their music insignificant all because they aren't signed to a big record deal with a major label.  Whether a singer or a band has a record deal or not, they can still have AWESOME music that deserves to be heard and now, through 'The Radio Cafe' and 'Indie Music Cafe',  there is a radio show and a television show dedicated specifically to helping independent artists promote themselves and their music around the world."